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it's a scary moment.

Your product and your customers are pointed in opposite directions. Your best best is to pivot, right?

Context Matters

context matters.

Pivoting will make no difference if your context is barren. In a fertile context on the other hand, even crazy ideas take off.

Fertile and barren context
What is Context?
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Know the layers of your context right at the start and ensure your product is grounded in a real need.

Experience Design
design moments.

All your customers will remember are key moments. Design your key moments with experience design.

Expeience Design
System Design
System Design
design emotions.

Customer interactions with your systems evoke emotions. Craft the emotions you want them to feel, moment by moment with system design.

Form Design
create flow.

Your customers pay for flow. Craft products, policy and people into one seamless experience with form design.

Form Design
Experiment Design
Experiment Design
design experiments.

Failure is inevitable. Inoculate yourself against fearful failure and shape your product with confidence with experiment design

Startup By Design

Startup by Design is designed from the ground up to get startups to product-market fit without needless failure.

what startups are saying

Lukacz Korecki 
Founder CTO, EnjoyHQ

Rana’s approach is zero fluff. It is all about making progress in tangible ways. If you feel stuck with the way you build product today or want to take your business to the next level, Rana can help you navigate those challenges using experiment-driven strategies. The insights and clarify we gained from Rana’s advice are priceless.


Janine Shea
Founder CEO, Flex

Startup by Design saved us so much money in web design and development costs. Rana helped us identify our most valuable customers so we could invest in the features and functionality that produce the greatest return.


Veronica Orvalho
Founder, Didimo

Meeting Rana was life-changing. Throughout the sessions we shared, I was able to unpack in a structured way the key elements to start designing our product and define the correct questions and direction on how to understand our target users. Most importantly it helped me discover the meaning behind the core essence of why we created our technology.

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