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Startup By Design emerged from a simple yet unaddressed observation: ninety percent of startups fail. Amongst the top three reasons for failure is failure to achieve product-market fit.


Empathy, natural to designers, and what makes for product-market fit is often missing in the engineering mindset, not because of a character flaw but education ( we've been one ). This causes product drift with catastrophic consequences.

We wanted to create a straight forward approach that would integrate empathy and emotion into the product and give startups a true north at all times. And we wanted them to be able to try it out a piece at a time.

The four design jobs can be tested out independent of each other: 

  • Experience design to craft key moments 

  • Experiment design to create and run experiments to validate your core product and feature bets

  • System design to identify and refine your flywheel effect

  • Product design to integrate all your product touchpoints into one seamless experience

As over one hundred and thirty startups will attest : it works.

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